I Won Frank Peak’s Twitter Contest!

September 09, 2009
Greg Ferrell

If you like art at all and you don’t already follow Frank Peak on twitter, or visit his website, I would highly recommend it. He periodically has “Almost Daily Drawings” that are his random doodles and concept drawings. His portfolio is also very, VERY good.

Frank is a very skilled illustrator and 3D artist who recently held a contest on Twitter for people who would retweet him. I was one of the fortunate winners of the contest.

Included in the package was a SWEET envelope that Frank personalized for each winner with random (and rather cute) artwork. Inside the package was a button pack with buttons by Royal Buttons Custom Buttons. There was also an unbent copy of the package art, and a sweet random drawing on nice card stock with a personal note from Frank, thanking the winner for participation.

Frank said he would also have some future contests, so even though this one is over, there could be some stuff up for grabs later.