The Cobbler’s assistant’s children have no shoes, either

August 17, 2010
Greg Ferrell

Last week we released a new design for Solspace. Everything went over pretty well, aside from some small hiccups. Not bad for a new site design launch. I am quite proud that we have a new face as we are very dedicated to our work and our old website just didn’t reflect that. Good change.

Like the blog post about the redesign suggests, it is hard to work on your on self image when you are spending all of your time trying to make sure everything else is taken care of. Customer service, bug fixes, and fresh products are first and foremost, because that’s what’s most useful to customers. However, a good face is very important.

This sort of brings me to this website. I added a new design recently, but didn’t spend much time on it, as i don’t usually have much to give because I am trying to make my work at Solspace the best it can be. It really needed the update, though because it was just slow and hard to read. However, it’s still not to my liking and will probably redesign again in the coming months and start to chronicle a bit more of what i am working on now.

I still want to share knowledge and pay forward the help so many others have given me over time. wink