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By Greg Ferrell » June 18, 2011

I use OS X and Ubuntu on a daily basis with my dev machines. One of the things that I like that Ubuntu can do is open folders with applications on right click. Unfortunately, OS X doesn’t do this by default, but we can accomplish it easily with an Automator Workflow. (It would be nice if Binary Age would add this feature to TotalFinder wink ) .

One of the options in OS X’s Automator workflow outputs is ‘Service’, which will allow us to put a finished workflow into a right click menu for files and folders.

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By Greg Ferrell » August 22, 2007

At the beginning of this year, when I first heard about A.I.R. I was excited to learn more about it and see what I could do with it. What really jumpstarted my interest was a trip to Cincinnati, OH to the Adobe onAIR Bus Tour. At this point I am full steam excited about working with AIR.

I work on a Windows machine at work and Mac at home, so I am also excited to see cross platform development. One thing that is a little wonky about AIR is the way that you test your applications. Since AIR is built with an SDK instead of a builder application, such as Flash, you have you use the terminal to launch the SDK. So I came up with methods for OS X and Windows XP to use right-click contextual menus to test AIR applications. I will first note that you can use Aptana, Flex 3, Flash CS3, and Dreamweaver CS3 to test your AIR apps, but i thought i would make something for the hardcore coders. Though, I personally use all the aforementioned for AIR.

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